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Introduction & Technical Specification


Self Loading Mobile Truck Mixer

When compared with routine Mixer Machines and RMC (ready mix concrete) Machines the Self Loading Mobile Truck Mixer is better advantageous as it is Self loader and mixer of raw material for concrete (Greer, Sand, Cement and Water) at site of work or at site of raw material. The routine mixer Machines can only mix while some machines can move only. The RMC can move only from batching plant to site work. The best part of the newly invented Self Loading Mobile Truck Mixer is that it can Load the raw material and mix as per the instructions of user on site itself and mix all the raw material in very short period of time like 10 to 15 minutes only. Also it can move to any place as per the requirement of the site or the user.


Technical Specification

Model: BF - 3500

Engine: Kirloskar 4 Cylinder, Water Cooled, 76 HP @ 2200 RPM

Loading: Self loading with the help of Hydraulically operated Cylinders which controls Shovel Jaws and bucket. The Loading & Unloading operation is done with the help of single joy stick in the Operator Cabin.

Chasis: High Tensile steel Welded Pipe Type Construction.

SteeringHydraulically operated Power Steering with the help of two Hydraulic Cylinders one on front axle and the other on rear axle.

Driver: 4 Wheel Driver, 2 Speed Automotive Hydrostatic Transmission. Electro-Hydraulic Control for slow speed operation between 0 to 18 KMPH. This is applicable durin forward as well as reverse movement.

Brake: Heavy Duty Hydraulic Brake with Mechanical Foot Lever operation.

Operator Post: This operator post is able to swivel 180 to enble him to have a clear vision during weight batching & discharging operation.

Electrical System: A 12V, 150 Amp-hr Battery supplies the power for complete lighting & signalling system for "FONEX" mixer. We are strictly following CMVR standards.

Weight: Net vehicle weight: 7160 Kgs. Gross vehicle weight: 16000 Kgs.

Wheel: Tyre: 405/70/20. Rim Size: A 13x20.


Identification of Part List With Line Drawing

A 2970
B 1600
C 360
D 2680
E 6540
F 1300
G 2300
H 1600
I 3900


J 350
K 1930
L 2330



Salient Features

  • One man operation
  • ARAI Certified can be registered with RTO
  • Off-Highway, Rough Terrain Machine
  • "On The Fly" Electronic Weight Batching
  • Typical output: 3 to 4 Cu.M/hr
  • User friendly operation
  • Components & design standardized to give less wear & tear, better productivity & higher economy.
  • 4 wheel driver & wheel stearing.
  • 180° reversible driving post.
  • Electric weigh batching unit.
  • Efficient and reliable after sale-service, round the clock.

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